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Workers' Compensation is a no-fault system in which the injured worker receives medical and compensation benefits no matter who caused the job-related accident. Lawsuits against the employer, except under very limited circumstances, are not permitted.

If the injury or illness is job related, the injured worker receives medical benefits and, if eligible, temporary compensation. In some cases, the injured worker may also receive permanent compensation and job retraining.

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Lump Sum Payment
You may be eligible for a Lump Sum Payment by commutation, compromise and release (C&R) or permanent disability advance (PDA).
Commutation is an order by a workers' compensation judge for a lump sum payment of part or your entire permanent disability award.

Compromise and release (C&R)
is a type of settlement in which you receive a lump sum payment and become responsible for paying for your future medical care. A settlement like this must be approved by a workers' compensation judge.

Permanent disability advance (PDA) is a voluntary lump sum payment of permanent disability you are due in the future.

Medical Treatment

California law requires that your employer and/or their workers compensation insurance carrier provide you with all medical treatment that is reasonable and necessary to cure or relieve the effects of the work injury. This means that if you have a need for medical treatment for the rest of your life, the insurance carrier will be on the hook for those bills, as long as it is proved that the medical treatment is the result of the work injury.

Temporary Disability
During the time that an injured worker is temporarily unable to return to work, he or she may be entitled to receive temporary disability indemnity. This payment has a maximum amount and will depend on the amount of your average weekly wages as well as the date of your injury.

Permanent Disability
In most cases, we are able to obtain a money award for people injured at work. These awards are in addition to the medical treatment and the temporary disability that we also often obtain for our clients. The amount of the permanent disability award will vary depending upon the severity of your injury and the lasting effect of your injury.


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